Monday, June 14, 2010

Maximum Capacity Specifications for Database Objects in SQL Server 2008 R2

The following table specify the maximum sizes and numbers of various Database Objects defined in SQL Server 2008 components:

Database objectMaximum sizes/numbers (32-bit)Maximum sizes/numbers (64-bit)
Columns per index1616
Columns per Primary Key1616
Columns per Foreign Key1616
Columns per SELECT statement40964096
Columns per INSERT statement40964096
Database Size524,272 TB524,272 TB
No of Databases per SQL Server instance32,76732,767
Files per database32,76732,767
Maximum File size (data)16 TB16 TB
Maximum File size (log)2 TB2 TB
Foreign key references per table253253
Identifier length in characters128128
Nested stored procedure levels3232
Nested subqueries3232
Nested trigger levels3232
REFERENCES per table253253
Nonclustered indexes per table999999
xml indexes per table249249
Parameters per stored procedure21002100
Parameters per user-defined functions21002100
Partitions per partitioned table or index10001000
Btach Size65,536 * Network Packet Size65,536 * Network Packet Size
Bytes per GROUP BY, ORDER BY8,0608,060
Bytes per key (PK, FK, Index)900900
Bytes per row8,0608,060
Bytes in source text of a stored procedurelesser than batch size or 250 MBlesser than batch size or 250 MB
Bytes per varchar(max), xml, text, or image column2^31-12^31-1
Characters per ntext or nvarchar(max) column2^30-12^30-1

Reference: BOL, here is link

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